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0000211TADS 3Documentationpublic2013-11-26 01:162015-08-05 21:08
Ming Hua 
0000211: Symbols "<" and ">" not displayed properly in HTML document
In the Regular Expressions section of System Manual,

http://www.tads.org/t3doc/doc/sysman/regex.htm [^]

The following two lines in the quick reference table miss some words:

<FB> Same as (global flags)
<FE> Same as (global flags)

The bug is that the "<" and ">" symbols in the HTML source are not converted to "<" and ">", and are therefore interpreted as HTML tags instead of text.
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2015-08-05 21:08Michael RobertsFixed In Version => 3.1.4
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Michael Roberts   
2015-08-05 21:08   
Thanks for pointing those out - fixed for the next update.